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Interactive Map of Barbados

Barbados is a Constitutional monarchy founded in 1966 and located in the area of North America, with a land area of 432 km² and population density of 666 people per km². Territory of Barbados borders the sea. Gross domestic product (GDP) is of about 426200 millions of dollars dollars.

Geography of Barbados

Mount Hillaby is the highest point in Barbados at an altitude of 336 meters, instead the lowest point in the country is North Atlantic Ocean at sea level.

Simple Maps of Barbados

Here are the best maps of Barbados at high resolution. Below you find printable maps showing Barbados in different styles and positions.

Frequently asked questions about Barbados

How is Barbados divided?

If you are looking for regions or provinces in Barbados, here are all the main areas:

  • Saint Joseph
  • Saint Andrew
  • Saint Peter
  • Saint Lucy
  • Saint James
  • Saint Michael
  • Christ Church
  • Saint Philip
  • Saint John
  • Saint George
  • Saint Thomas

What are the main points of interest in Barbados?

The major tourist attractions in Barbados are Harrison’s Cave., Carlisle Bay, Animal Flower Cave, St. Nicholas Abbey, Hunte’s Gardens, Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Bottom Bay, Paynes Bay Beach, Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

What is the flag of Barbados?

Barbados flag
Flag of Barbados

What is the capital of Barbados?

The main city and capital of Barbados is Bridgetown.

What is the currency in Barbados?

Official currency of Barbados is Dollar.

What is the population of Barbados?

In Barbados there are 287500 people.

What is international phone code in Barbados?

Barbados telephone code is 1-246.

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